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  • Tristan Withorne
    Sales Manager

    Family since 2013

  • Jennifer Elliott
    Desk Manager/F&I

    Family since 2017:

    My name is Jennifer, I do Desk Management/F&I at Atlanta Auto Brokers. I believe hard work is always the way to ensure that you get what you want out of life; with intelligence, ambition and fortitude you can achieve anything. I am fiercely loyal to my family, my dogs and my friends having gotten through the toughest of life's obstacles with them by my side. My grandmother taught me that Napyshni (strength) should be a primary trait moving through life and I carry that with me every day. I was a biology major, am an avid recycler and an ASPCA Gaurdian. I believe any of us can make a difference, even if only in the smallest way. I love to hike, garden and being as active as possible has enabled me to keep growing in life. The atmosphere at Atlanta Auto Brokers has made it by far the most unique and genuine place for me personally and having people around you with whom you share the same core values, ideals and morals is always a comforting feeling day to day.

  • Donald Fischrupp

    Family since 1991

  • Ernest Mcgoy
    Wholesale Director

  • Nneka Malcolm

    Family Since 2019:

    Hi my name is Nneka Malcolm. I'm the receptionist here at Atlanta Auto Brokers! I love meeting new people and I am passionate about my work. I have 10 years of customer service experience and I look forward to helping you get the best deal on your new car or truck. Stop by and check out our great selection and let us help you find your dream car

  • Zahrah Shabazz
    Acquisition Specialist

    Family since 2018

  • Kelvin Cost
    Sales Representative

    Family since 2017

  • Dianne Butts
    Sales Representative

    Family since 2012

  • Trent Barton
    Sales Representative

    Family since 2018

  • Mason Withorne
    Sales Representative

    Family since 2019